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The Experts: Scott Sounart

You know those hip dads who actually pulled off their mid-life crisis? Scott Sounart is one of them. Not only is he the world's greatest dad, but he is truly a motivating person to be around. As a civil engineer, an associate at Kimley-Horn, he works long hours and travels a ton, but still manages to maintain his hobbies and stay in great shape. I'll share some fun facts about him that you may enjoy: 1) He has a pizza ranking, he tries pizza in every city he visits around the country and ranks them on an actual excel document. He is a total pizza snob. 2) Speaking of excel documents, for the past 12 years, he has noted his weight and all physical activity every single day (except weight when he travels). He knows his body better than anyone! 3) His current favorite artists include Justin Bieber, Halsey, and Eminem. Don't worry, if you look at his Spotify he still has all of the classics pre-2000's, including a more diverse mix of genres than anyone I know. 4) He doesn't like milk, eggs, poultry, seafood, anything creamy, breakfast foods, most desserts,... I could go on. BUT, because of his pickiness, he has mastered cooking the few things that he does enjoy, including tacos, steak, Italian food, and his famous sandwiches... all of which are incredible. I could go on, but instead read about his amazing running journey below and maybe get a few helpful pointers!

Q: Tell me about your background in running

A: Nine years ago, running became my life. Assuming 'becoming your life' means running only a 1/2-mile every other day. But it was a great start! With this grueling effort, I rewarded myself with some cool running shoes, shorts, and guy yoga pants. So, I looked like a runner, but three miles a week wasn't exactly converting fat molecules to ab molecules (or whatever the correct terminology may be). Then on Super Bowl Sunday 2015, it started. Three miles a day minimum, every day for a week. The week turned to a month, which turned to a season, which turned to a daily running streak of four years. In between, were 25 half marathons, two full marathons, several 10ks, an article in Runners World, and one very bad knee. Unfortunately, the streak stopped last year, but the running lives on, as it is a part of my life now forever. 

Q: What are the most common questions you get?

A: "Every day? You don't take a day off?" No, that's why they call it a 'streak.'" Have you ever been bitten by a dog or stung by a bee while running?"Yes, twice each. "Does it hurt?"Only before each run. Then it's all gratification.

Q: What is an ideal routine for someone who is just getting into running?

A: Many people think they need to run a lot right away when they first get into running. The key is to start running short distances a few times a week. As you get used to running, you can increase your time and distance. But DO NOT start off with lofty goals. You'll likely talk yourself out of the effort before your routine even takes off. 

Q: What is your daily fitness routine?

A: Run three miles a day, six days a week. Hit the heavy bag, maybe throw in some cycling or racquetball.

Q: What are your top pieces of advice for those seeking to be better at running?

A: Start s-l-o-w-l-y.... Even if you only put on your running gear and walk outside, you'll eventually get into a routine. Also, reward yourself for meeting your goals. Lastly, record your runs on a spreadsheet or app tracker. I like Map My Run and sharing with family members. Keeps you accountable. 


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