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The Experts: Jacque Grassmick

We shy people may have gotten the line "you don't talk much, but when you do.... you're so funny!!" once or twice in our life. Jacque Grassmick is the epitome of this statement until you realize that she's actually quite the social butterfly. If you know her, you may agree that she is either one of the quietest or the loudest people you know, and that's what makes her great! Jacque is thoughtful, cheery, and easygoing while at the same time maintaining this bold, animated spirit that is infectious towards those around her. Her closeness with her siblings is so fun to see, they absorb each other's energy and do awesome things like create rap songs together (maybe we'll interview them when we do a music section). But despite her jobs as a server, rap artist, sister, and student, Jacque's main gig is yoga and she makes an amazing teacher with an incredible background. I am thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to know Jacque and her sister Sammy, and I look forward to continuing to watch them grow as young professionals! Please enjoy Jacque's Q/A regarding yoga below!

Q: Tell me about your background in yoga and what you are currently doing

A: I completed my 500-hour yoga teacher training in 2016 with Awakened Life School of Yoga. My training was mostly around vinyasa & restorative yoga. Currently, I teach 4 classes a week at Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness in Loveland, CO. I teach 3 vinyasa classes & 1 half gentle yoga/yoga nidra class.

Q: Why is yoga good for you and how often do you recommend people do it?

A: Yoga helps stretch & strengthen all the different muscles in the body. It also helps you connect your mind & body through the movement & awareness of your breath. Many people find this relaxing because this helps us to be more present in the moment with our body, mind, & emotions. It’s like a moving meditation that helps the mind focus and find clarity while also opening & energizing the body & calming our emotions.

As far as recommendations on the frequency you should practice, I think it depends on each person. I recommend people to listen to their body & find a frequency that works well for them. Even practicing once a week can have a lot of benefits.

Q: What are the most difficult poses for you?

A: The most difficult poses for me are arm balances & inversions (like going upside down into handstand) for sure. It takes a lot of arm, shoulder, & core strength and you also have to get comfortable going upside down which is something I’m still working on!

Q: What are your best tips for those just getting into yoga?

A: My best tip for those who are just starting is to listen to their body and not overdo anything that hurts to avoid any injuries. Always focus on your body & how the poses feel for you. Everybody’s bodies are different, so try not to compare what your pose looks like compared to someone else’s. There are lots of variations of poses because there are lots of variations of bodies! Some poses may come easy for you while others might not. In time you may be able to deepen some of your poses as you build flexibility & strength which is why it’s called a practice! We’re just practicing the poses so try to enjoy the journey & how you feel rather than what you look like. At the same time always listen to your alignment cues & ask for help from the teacher when you feel lost to avoid potential injury.

Q: Other tips on staying relaxed during everyday life?

A: I think one of the best tips to stay relaxed throughout the day is to take some deep breaths whenever you start to feel yourself getting overwhelmed. Staying still, closing your eyes, & focusing on 5-10 deep breaths can do wonders when you’re feeling stressed out. There are also many great simple breathing exercises that you can find online to use throughout your day! I also think it’s important to make time for yourself every day to relax & unwind so you don’t get accustomed to staying in a stressed-out state all the time. There are many ways to relax & I encourage others to explore different relaxation practices they enjoy! If you make relaxation a priority & recharge your batteries every day you will probably be able to handle what life throws at you with a more calm approach!


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