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The Experts: Cory Dillingham

Updated: May 25, 2020

When you first meet Cory, it will come as no surprise that she is a yoga instructor. She has such a calming presence, I even worked with her in a high-stress restaurant environment and she was so good at keeping her cool. Not only is Cory super talented at yoga, but she has a gift of listening to people and being an uplifter. She has been through her fair share of hardships and through it all has kept unbelievable endurance and hope that is so encouraging to watch. It is this attitude that makes her an excellent leader in her practice, and I hope that many will continue to gain light from her as she continues to exceed. Please enjoy what she has to say below:

Q: Tell me about your background in yoga and what you are currently doing

A: I didn’t grow up very religious; however, my dad was into yoga and he would often tell me how peaceful he felt afterward. I took a few classes when I was in high school but it wasn’t until I was 25 when I found my love and passion for yoga and overtime went to every single yoga studio in Seattle. I noticed my anxiety was manageable the more I went to a class. Yoga became my therapy and I wanted to share this beautiful practice with the world. So I traveled to Spain and received my first 200-hour yoga certificate in 2014. In 2017, I completed another 200-hour yoga at a local studio in Colorado. I loved teaching and I also loved being the student. In 2018, I had a significant loss which led me to grief yoga therapy. In January 2020, I completed another 200-hour yoga training to become a grief yoga therapy facilitator.

Q: Why is yoga good for you and how often do you recommend people do it?

A: Currently I teach for a few local studios. I offer live yoga classes via zoom and grief yoga therapy through my own business.

Q: What are the most difficult poses for you?

A: The most difficult poses for me is a few of the arm balances. There are a few ones I can do but there are definitely a few I can’t do! Yoga is a practice, the more you practice the more you’ll be able to do it and it takes time-so be patient.

Q: What are your best tips for those just getting into yoga?

A: The best tips I can give you if you’re just starting out with your yoga practice is to BE PATIENT and give yourself grace, it won’t happen overnight. Also, some people are naturally flexible so do not compare yourself to someone else because it could bum you out and it’s not worth it. Stay with the practice and do not give up. I remember when I started to deepen my practice 7 years ago... I wanted so badly to do crow pose, it took months of practice, and eventually I did it!

Q: Other tips on staying relaxed during everyday life?

A: Something I have noticed since I started practicing is, I check on my breathe frequently... I take a pause with whatever I’m doing, close my eyes and I do the 4-7-8 breathe. I breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it at the top for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. The exhale is twice as long as the inhale-let go of what no longer serves you. Often times we forget to breathe throughout our day... sometimes we hold our breath and aren’t aware of it. I highly recommend this as an everyday practice. I also enjoy reading spiritual book and setting daily intentions.


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