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Nutrition and food science have always been fascinating topics to me because of all of the "fads" that come with them. There's always the popular diets, supplements, superfoods, and whatever else people can come up with to try and biohack their bodies. It's important to have people like these experts below who can back up their information with their studies and experience rather than a single internet article by a questionable source. You may notice that some of their questions are the same; however, that is a great way to see various overlaps and/or differing opinions on certain matters. I hope you can learn a thing or two from these professionals and maybe think twice about what you are reading online!

The Experts

The Experts: Nutrition & Naturopathy

Nutrition and Naturopathy

The Experts: Fitnes

the experts


Oh, physical exercise. What a love-hate relationship we all have with it and how far it has come to this day and age. We have smartwatches that track heart rates and steps, machines that target our every muscle, and trainers that guide our every move. In my opinion, fitness professionals tend to get overlooked because people don't realize the amount of science and technique that comes with knowing how the human body moves. If more people took advantage of trainers, PT, and other experienced experts they would likely find better results in their regime. Take a look below at what these individuals have to teach, and maybe start to implement some more tried-and-true methods to your routine. 

The Experts: Yoga

The experts


Let me take you on a journey of how yoga has affected me. I grew up without a single flexible bone in my body. Granted, I grew faster than your average little girl being 5'10 by the age of 12, but regardless... it was tough. In P.E. we would do various competitions and one of the contests was touching your toes. To qualify, you had to get somewhere around 6 inches past your knees, and I (quite literally) broke a record for the lowest score at -12 inches. So sad.


Fast forward to when I'm 21. Never stretched and I worked around 55 hours a week in kitchens standing all day long. I ended up in the ER for herniated discs in my lower spine! I went to PT, faked my homework, and moved on with constant back pain.


August 2019. I was in my third week of work and threw my back out in that same spot. I could barely walk and working in the kitchen felt nearly impossible! It was that week that I decided I needed to make a change and incorporate yoga into my life before I kept injuring myself and end up walking like an elder before age 30. For the past 8 months, I have little by little included yoga in my daily routine and it has helped tremendously. My back pain is nearly gone and it has helped relax my muscles (and my mind) a great deal.


Now... listen to ones below who actually know yoga. P.s. I can finally touch those toes. 

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